Programmes for students:

White suit club.  


 This is for students who students who want to attend training on a reasonably regular basis.

Black belt club.

Black belt club

This is for students up to the age of 12 years who attend at least 8 lessons per month and who are loud with responses in class, show respect on a consistent basis, demonstrate good energy in their techniques and are good role models in their behaviour. They also have to satisfy targets of behaviour at home that have been agreed with their parents; school performance has  to be good with one area for improvement picked, and monitored, by their parents. Black belt club is by invitation only and members wear a red jacket and black trousers.

STORM club. 

Special Team Of Role Models. This programme is for 12 to 14 year old students who satisfy the same criteria as those in the black belt club but they must also volunteer to help younger students, with their practice, in at least one lesson per week. STORM programme members wear a blue top and black trousers. When they reach 14 years of age they can be trained to be Assistant Instructors, if they wish to. Students in this club will get extra tuition to help them with their techniques.

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