Progress made by students

It may be sad but it is only since I attained a black belt in CKD and started to instruct others that I have begun to learn the intricacies of the techniques and the nuances of each movement in the process. Master Brophy was correct when he said that I will only really learn how to apply the techniques for which I have earned my colour belts when I start to instruct.
I found the same applied when I was teaching mathematics in secondary school and much of what I had learned at Teacher Training College and University only started to make good sense when I started to teach the basics of the subject.
I wonder if this apply to my students as well. I do hop that the insights that I now have will help me to teach the techniques and applications of these in greater depth without boring them. I have seen incredibly good progress in many of my students and and am delighted for them. i only wish that there was a way to show them the progress they made. it will help them with the motivation they need to apply the self-discipline to achieve the higher levels they aspire to.
What I also find very interesting is the way in which different students learn to apply the principles and techniques in this martial art. I hope that I shall continue to learn more about the martial art and how it affects others who study it. As I do, I shall write about them on this blog.
i hope that you have enjoyed reading about my progress through this martial art and will enjoy reading about the improvements that my students make.


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