We would like to thank Richard for introducing CKD to our son. We had been trying for a long time to find a activity that our son could enjoy and not feel like he was letting the side down. With CKD our son found a activity he enjoys and could learn at his own pace without feeling any of the pressure of other sports. In the short time he has been doing CKD he has better co-ordination more concentration.So once again thank you Richard.   Lyn Turnbull Gibbons, September 2014

151126 grading 103

It is always a pleasure to train with you Sir and I hope your school is a big success. Your students will be very fortunate to have your kind words and wisdom. Pil seung.
Amanda, Horsham 2014

My great niece Amber and myself came to CKD classes just a few months ago and have achieved so much in this time. As an ‘older’ person I thought I might have difficulty keeping up, but CKD gives the opportunity to learn a marital art without a punishing ‘stamina/strength building regime’ which puts a lot of people off.  The mixed classes of children and adult are really nice, with everyone helping each other. It is a really lovely group.

We have found that training has given us confidence and is improving our fitness and flexibility.   Although learning the skills of CKD can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, we both feel that this is something we can learn, and are aiming for ‘black’!

Although this might seem a bit trite, I also think that it is no bad thing to teach such things as humility, respect, self-control, justice and honour and perseverance.  I think all of us can learn something from that – not just the younger members.  A big part of this is the way the classes are handled by Richard with just the right tone: always friendly and encouraging.

I have done other martial art styles over the years, but this is by far the best for me.  We both feel absolutely elated when we achieve a new ‘belt’, and feel so lucky to have discovered CKD.  Thank you again Richard for bringing this to Ashington!

Pat MCue, Ashington March 2015



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